Wednesday, October 26, 2011



  1. This looks a fun game! The children in 2Palm have been learning to play 'Scrabble' - it looks very similar to Bananagrams! We are on Half term this week - but I will show this to the class next week. You can see our scrabble boards on our blog too! Well done, from Mrs Fisher, 2Palm, Leeds, UK.

  2. My grandma was born in fairview 1957. Their is 7 people in her family. What my grandma did for fun was play with her neighbors all the time. A gallon of gas was 25cents.A stamp was 2cents. I love my grandma.


  3. We have purchased several of these for family and friends because we have played with our own set hundreds of hours. After these hours of play the tiles remain unworn and all of the letters are as legible as the day they arrived. The pouch is also in excellent shape.

    Be sure to count all the letters (144) before playing the first time. Sometimes they fall or spill over the table and you want to make sure you have them all for the next round of play.