Friday, September 18, 2015

September 21 - 25

Here's what we'll be working on next week:

*Adding money amounts
*Methods for subtracting multi-digit numbers
*Subtracting across zeros

The class will be getting their Reader Response Journals set up and will practice how to write about what they have read.  We will also discuss the features of Fiction and Non Fiction books.

Word Study: The students will practice adding -ing to words with VC (vowel consonant) and VCC patterns.

Writing:  We have introduced the Writing Process Cycle.  The students will use a story web to help understand the importance of prewriting.

Social Studies:  Students will use compass directions, practice identifying directions, and measure distances to other places.

*Curriculum morning is Thursday the 24th at 8:00am.
*Please make sure that your child has brought their headphones to school.
*The class will be taking the NWEA math and reading tests on Wednesday and Thursday morning.
*Day 5 is on Tuesday, please make sure library books are returned.

A few pictures from this week :)

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