Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 16 - 20

M - Art/Music
T - Media
W - Como Planetarium/U of M field trip
Th - Music
F - Art, DARE, Adventures in Art

Math -
Students will:
11.19 - Solve division word problems with remainders.  Find the answer to divisions with remainders.
11.20 - Understand that remainders can be expressed as fractions.  Solve division word problems and interpret the remainder to give the correct answer.
11.21 - Practice dividing with remainders.

Reading - Unit 9, Week 3 - Fluency Week
Students will:
* Use characters' words and actions to determine what they are like and how they feel.
* Use effective expression to make their reading sound like talking.

Science - We will be learning about stars this week in science.

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