Friday, May 6, 2016

May 9 - 13

M - Media, DARE
T - P.E.
W - Music, DARE
Th - Art *Return books, DARE
F - P.E./Media, Adventures in Art

Math - Students will:
11.15 - Subtract like and unlike unit fractions.  Add, compare, and subtract fractions and solve fraction word problems.
11.17 - Explore the relationship between fractions and decimals.
11.18 - Understand improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Word Study - Unit 29
Students will:
• Understand that prefixes change the meaning of base words
• Understand that the prefix dis- means “opposite of, not”
• Understand that the prefix mis- means “wrongly”
• Understand that the prefix pre- means “before, earlier”
• Write spelling words and identify prefixes and meanings

Reading - Unit 9, Week 2 - Genre Study (Pourquoi Tales)
Students will:
* understand the features of a Pourquoi Tale
* read and analyze a Pourquoi Tale
* compare and contrast two Pourquoi Tales

Science - Students will learn the vocabulary associated with Moon phases: new Moon, first-quarter Moon, full Moon, third-quarter Moon, waxing, waning, crescent, and gibbous.

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