Friday, April 29, 2016

May 2 - 6

M - Music
T - Art *Return library books
W - Media/P.E.
Th - Art/Music
F - No School - Workshop Day

Reading - (repeat from last week as we didn't get very far!)
Unit 9, Week 1 - Make Connections/Identify Cause and Effect
Students will:
* Identify causes and effects in a picture and text.
* Identify and use the signal language for cause and effect.
* Make connections to understand a text.
* Learn strategies for analyzing questions and finding answers, clues, and evidence.

Word Study - Prefixes re-, un-
Students will:
• Understand that prefixes change the meaning of base words
• Understand that the prefix re- means “again”
• Understand that the prefix un- means “not”
• Write words with prefixes

Math - Going back to our unit on Fractions:
Students will:
11.9 - Use fraction strips to find equivalent fractions.
11.11 - Write equivalent chains and discover patterns with equivalent chains.
11.12 - Multiply to find equivalent fractions.
11.13 - Visualize a simpler fraction and simplify fractions.

Science - Study of the sun
Students will:
* Observe and record the path the Sun takes in the sky.
* Determine that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
* Learn that the Sun changes position in the sky from season to season.

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