Friday, April 8, 2016

April 11 - 15

M - Art/Music
T - Media
W - P.E.
Th - Music
F - Art

Math - We will be taking a little break from our unit on fractions and will get back into it once MCA testing is over :)  We will also be jumping around in unit 13 (Measurement), I want to make sure I touch on a few skills that will be on the MCA's.
Students will:
13.1 - Measure with non-standard and standard units.  Use rulers to draw line segments to a given number of inches.
13.2 - Convert between yards, feet and inches.
13.3 - Discuss metric units of length.  Measure to the nearest meter, decimeter, and centimeter.
13.10 - Read temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit on a thermometer, discuss warm and cold benchmarks, and estimate temperatures.

Reading - Unit 8, Week 3.  Fluency Week, Readers Theater - How Davy Crockett Moved the Sun
Students will:
* Use the title and other clues to anticipate the mood of text.  Match their tone of voice to the intended mood.
* Demonstrate their understanding of the text through purposeful expression.

Word Study -
Students will:
 *Understand initial g usually has the hard sound when followed by a, o, or u
• Understand initial g usually has the soft sound when followed by e, i, or y
• Write and identify words with hard and soft g

Social Studies - Unit 9 - How Does Global Trade Affect Our Community?
Students will:
* Identify conflicting points of view about global trade.
* Describe a way global trade has changed life in a world community.
* Identify products sold in the local community that are involved in global trade.

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