Friday, October 2, 2015

October 5-9

M - P.E
T - Music
W - Art   *Please return library books today!
Th - Media/P.E
F - Music/Art

Math - The class will be taking the test on Unit 1 (addition and subtraction) on Monday.  Their daily work packets will be coming home in the Friday folder, use them to review over the weekend if you have time.  We will start Unit 2 on Tuesday.  The students will be measuring and drawing line segments, finding the perimeter, and sorting quadrilaterals.

Word Study - We are already on our 4th Word Study unit.  The class will be reviewing words that have -ing endings (doubles, e-Drops, No Change).

Reading - Our class will be focusing on reading biographies this week.  We will identify the key features of a biography and compare and contrast the biographies of Galileo and Einstein!  We will also read a longer biography about George Washington.

Writing - We will identify a sequence of events in personal narratives.

Social Studies - Last week we practiced finding the distance and direction from Mound to other communities throughout the US.  This week the students will pick one of those communities, research and gather facts, and then create a presentation using the Keynote app.

It's been a busy week!  Enjoy the pictures :)

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