Friday, December 11, 2015

December 14 - 22

M - Art  *Return library books
T - P.E./Media
W - Art/Music
Th - Media
F - P.E

M - Music
T - Art  *Return library books

Reading - Unit 4 in our Benchmark Literacy curriculum will focus on story elements and summarizing.  Students will identify the story elements of characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution in a story.  Students will also summarize and synthesize to gain fuller meaning from a story.

Word Study - Students will:
* Understand that VCV syllable pattern words can be a V/CV or VC/V syllable pattern
• Understand that V/CV words are divided after a vowel to make an open syllable
• Understand that VC/V words are divided after the consonant to make a closed syllable
• Understand that VV/CV words are divided after the vowel pair

Writing - We will be finishing up our realistic fiction stories.

Math - Students will:
6.1 - Recognize and describe flips, slides, and turns.  Recognize flips, slides and turns in geometric patters and create patterns.
6.2 - Identify and continue a repeating pattern.  Identify and continue a repeating geometric pattern.
6.3 - Identify and continue a number pattern that grows or shrinks.  Identify and continue and geometric pattern that grows or shrinks.

Social Studies - We will be working on Lesson 4 (How Do People Become Part of Our Community).  Students will learn about the immigrant experience.  They will analyze why and how people immigrate to the United State.  They will compare benefits and drawbacks of immigrating to the United States.

* In Monday's (14th) homework folder the class will be bringing home papers to interview an adult about a change (moving, new job, etc.) that they have made in their life.  They should write a summary of what they learned on the back page.  Please have them return the papers to school on Friday the 18th.

* On Monday, the 21st, the 3rd grade classes will be rotating classrooms and doing winter/holiday crafts.

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