Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4 - 8

M - P.E/Media
T - Art/Music
W - Media
Th - P.E
F - Music

Reading - This week our genre study is on Realistic Fiction.  Students will review the features of realistic fiction and analyze a realistic fiction story.

Word Study - Students will understand that VCCCV pattern words can be VC/CCV or VCC/CV syllable patterns.  They will understand that VC/CCV words divide before the consonant blend.  They will understand that VCC/CV words divide after the consonant blend.

Math - Multiplication!
7.1 - Explore patterns in 5's count-bys.  Learn important multiplication vocabulary.
7.2 - Use multiplication to represent repeated groups situations.
7.3 - Use multiplication to represent array situations.
7.4 - Relate division to multiplication.
7.5 - Explore patterns in 2's count-bys.

Social Studies - Students will put any finishing touches on their Ellis Island projects and get them printed out.

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