Friday, January 8, 2016

January 11 - 15

M - Art  *Library books due
T - P.E./Media
W - Art/Music
Th - Media
F - P.E.

Reading - Unit 4, Week 3.  We will be wrapping up our study of summarizing and story elements.  We will be practicing reading fluency this week with The Great Lemonade Standoff.

Word Study - Open and Closed Syllables and Inflectional Endings
Students will:
* Understand that inflected endings are added depends on the vowel pattern in the final syllable
* Recognize base words in multi - syllable words.
* Recognize vowel patterns and understand how to add inflected endings

Writing - This week we will begin talking about Informational Reports.  The students have started researching a mammal with Mr. Lhotka in Media and will eventually create a report based on their research.

Math - Students will:
7.6 - Explore patterns in 10's count -bys
7.7 - Multiply and divide with 9
7.9 - Multiply and divide with 3
7.10 - Understand the area model for multiplication
7.11 - Recognize and identify multiplication and division word problems

Social Studies - We will begin Chapter 6 in social studies - How Do People Improve Their Communities.  Students will identify how four individuals solved problems to improve the lives of people in their own communities and in communities around the country.

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