Friday, January 29, 2016

February 1 - 5

M - Art/Music
T - Media
W - P.E.  *Remember skates and helmets
Th - Music
F - Art  *Return library books

Math - Students will:
9.1 - Explore patterns in 6's count-bys.
9.2 - Develop strategies for solving real-world area problems.
9.3 - Explore patterns in 8's count-bys.
9.4 - Write multiplication and division word problems of various types.

Reading - Unit 5, Week 3.  Our Reader's Theater this week is called Kanchil Outsmarts the Crocodile.  Students will practice using a higher or lower volume to reflect what the author or the characters are saying.

Word Study - Students will:
* Identify long o patterns ow, oCe, and open o- in words with more than one syllable
* Understand that accented syllables usually have the long vowel sound
* Hear the long vowel sound and accented syllables in words
* Read and write words with long o patterns

Social Studies - Unit 7 - How are People Around the World Alike and Different?  The students will compare and contrast their lives with the lives of children in other countries.

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