Friday, February 5, 2016

February 8 - 12

M - P.E./Media
T - Art/Music
W - Media
Th - P.E.  *Remember to bring skates/helmets
F - Music

Reading - Unit 6, Week 1
Students will:
* Identify facts and opinions based on an illustration or text
* Identify and use the signal language for opinions.

Word Study -
Students will:
• Identify the long u patterns uCe and open u- in multi-syllable words
• Understand that accented syllables often have the long vowel sound
• Hear the long u sound in accented syllables in words
• Write and spell the long u pattern words and identify the accented syllables

Math -
9.4 - Write multiplication and division word problems of various types.
9.5 - Explore patterns in 7's count-bys
9.6 - Solve comparison word problems involving multiplication and division
9.7 - Develop strategies for solving comparison word problems.
9.8 - Understand what a square number is.

Social Studies - We will continue our study of children around the world and how their lives are similar and different from our own.

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