Friday, February 12, 2016

February 15 - 19

M - No School
T - Art   *Return library books
W - P.E./Media
Th - Art/Music
F - Media

Math -
Students will:
9.9 - Practice 6's, 7's, and 8's multiplication and division.
9.10 - Choose the operation to solve a word problem.
9.11 - Develop strategies for solving multi-step word problems.
9.12 - Solve multi-step word problems and practice count-bys.

Reading - Unit 6, Week 2.   Genre Study - Persuasive Letters
Students will:
* Learn the features of persuasive letters.
* Read and analyze persuasive letters.
* Compare and contrast two persuasive letters using a graphic organizer.
* Practice summarizing a longer persuasive letter.

Word Study -
Students will:
• Identify the long e patterns ee, eCe, ea, and open e-
• Understand that the long vowel sounds are usually heard in the accented syllables
• Read and write long e pattern words

Social Studies - We will finish up our unit on learning about the lives of children in different countries.

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