Friday, February 26, 2016

February 29 - March 4

M - Art/Music
T - Media
W - P.E
Th - Music & Read-A-Thon (dress like a book character)
F - Art

Math - Students will:
10.1 - Tell time to the hour, half-hour, and quarter hour.  Tell time to 5 minutes and to 1 minute.  State times using the words before and after with the appropriate hour.
10.2 - Use ordinal numbers (first, second, etc.).  Determine elapsed time in days, weeks, months, hours and minutes.  Use elapsed time to find start and end dates and times.

Word Study - Students will:
• Recognize and identify -le, -el, -il, and -al patterns in unaccented final syllables
• Understand that -le, -el, -il, and -al have an / l/ sound
• Recognize where syllables divide based on vowel patterns
• Write words with -le, -el, -il, and -al patterns

Reading  - Unit 7, Week 1 - Make Inferences/Make Predictions
Students will:
* Make predictions based on a photograph.
* Identify visual clues that suggest what will happen.
* Make inferences about a photograph.
* Make predictions about what will happen next based on clues and prior knowledge.
* Maker inferences based on evidence in a text.

Writing - The class will be going through the process of choosing topics for writing a persuasive letter this week.

Science - The class will continue to record their daily observations of their seeds.  They are also doing research and finding information about seeds, parts of a seed and how seeds travel.

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