Friday, March 4, 2016

March 7 - 11

M - P.E./Media
T - Art/Music
W - Media
Th - P.E.
F - Music

Math - Extension Lessons - Our math curriculum has some really good lessons that are meant for the end of the year, but we are going to fit them in early and will then get to Unit 11 (Fractions) in a couple of weeks.
Students will:
E.1 - Compare and order numbers up to 10,000.  Add, subtract, and compare with large numbers.
E.2 - Model a product of ones, ones and tens, and tens.
E.3 - Understand patterns of multiplication with ones, tens and hundreds.
E.4 - Represent one-digit by two-digit multiplication using area models.

Reading - Unit 7, Week 2 - Genre Study - Fairy Tales
Students will:
* Learn the features of fairy tales
* Read and analyze a fairy tale
* Compare and contrast two fairy tales using a graphic organizer

Word Study -
Students will:
* Recognize unaccented final syllables with -er, -ar, -or
• Hear the schwa / r/ sound and recognize that -er, -ar, and -or make the / r/ sound
• Write words with -er, -ar, -or

Science - The class will finish up learning about hydroponics and will continue our Structures of Life unit by researching an animal.

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