Friday, March 11, 2016

March 14 - 18

M - Art  *Return library books
T - P.E./Media
W - Art/Music
Th - Media
F - P.E.

Math -
Students will:
E.5 - Relate the area model of multiplication to numeric methods of multiplication.  Practice one-digit by two-digit multiplication.
E.6 - Compare and analyze methods of multiplication
E.7 - Draw area models to represent the product of a one-digit number and a three-digit number.
E.8 - Practice one-digit by three-digit multiplication.
E.9 - Understand real-world division situations.

Reading - Unit 7 - Week 3, Readers Theater: Rough - Faced Girl 
Students will:
* Read short word groups and sentences as complete sentences.
* Demonstrate understanding of the text through purposeful phrasing.
* Use effective phrasing to make their reading sound like talking.

Word Study -
Students will:
* Understand that words with final vowels -y, -ey, or -ie usually have a long e sound
• Understand that words with final vowel -y in accented syllables usually have a long i sound
• Recognize the final -y (/e - /), -ey, -ie, and -y (/ı - /) in words of two or more syllables
• Write -y pattern words and indicate final pattern

Social Studies - The students will be finishing up our Structures of Life science unit early in the week and then we will get to our next social studies unit - How Does Our Economy Work?  The class will learn about markets and how supply and demand work together to affect the prices of goods and services.

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