Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 21 - 25

M - Music
T - Art  *Return books
W - P.E./Media
Th - Music/Art
F - No School

Math -
Students will:
11.1 - Use fractions to describe parts of regions.  Use fraction strips to explore unit fractions.
11.2 - Represent fractions in a variety of ways.  Use fractions to represent parts of a set.
11.3 - Write three equations to represent dividing a set into equal parts.  Solve word problems involving finding a unit fraction of a set.
11.4 - Make "as many as" comparison statements, and represent them with multiplication equations.

Word Study -
Students will:
• Understand that words with final vowels -y, -ey, or -ie usually have a long e sound
• Understand that words with final vowel -y in accented syllables usually have a long i sound
• Recognize the final -y (/e - /), -ey, -ie, and -y (/ı - /) in words of two or more syllables
• Write -y pattern words and indicate final pattern

Reading - Unit 8, Week 1 - Determine Text Importance/Compare and Contrast
Students will:
* Identify comparisons and contrasts in a picture and text.
* Identify and use the signal language for comparing and contrasting.
* Determine important information in a picture and text.

Writing - Procedural Texts
Students will:
* Establish themselves as procedural writing mentors by sharing something they made or did that followed a sequential order.
* Model how writers think about the steps they go through in the writing process.

Social Studies - We didn't get as far as I expected last week, so we will be beginning our economics unit this week.

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