Friday, February 19, 2016

February 22 - 26

M - P.E.
T - Music
W - Music  *Return library books
Th - P.E/Media
F - No School/Conferences

Reading - Unit 6, Week 3 - Fluency
Students will:
* Stress particular words to emphasize meaning and reflect the language patterns of the text.
* Demonstrate understanding of the text through purposeful inflection and intonation.
* Use effective inflection and intonation to make their reading sound like talking.

Word Study -
Students will:
* Understand that most words with consonant + -le divide before the consonant
• Understand that consonant + -le syllables are always unaccented
• Understand VCle words divide between open syllable and consonant + -le
• Understand VCCle–Double and VCCle words divide between the two consonants

Math -
Students will:
9.13 - Develop strategies for solving multi-step word problems and practice multiplications and divisions.
9.14 - Apply mathematical concepts in meaningful context.s
We'll spend a couple of days reviewing Unit 9 concepts and math facts and will take the unit test on Thursday.

Science - We will begin our Structures of Life unit in science.  The first investigation will have the students observe and compare properties of seeds and fruit.  We will also set up seed sprouters and monitor and record the changes over the next two weeks.

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