Friday, January 15, 2016

January 18 - 22

M - Music
T - Art  *Return library books
W - P.E./Media
Th - Art/Music
F - No School

Math -
Students will -
7.11 (repeat from last week, we didn't get as far as I planned!)
7.12 - Explore patterns in 4 multiplications and count-bys.
7.13 - Math fact fluency, We will review the count-bys that we've done and practice fast arrays.
7.14 - Look for patterns in 1's and 0's when multiplying.  We will investigate the properties of addition and multiplication.

Reading - Unit 5, Week 1
Students will:
* Make an inference about a picture.
* Identify clues that support the inference.
* Identify clues that help readers make inferences about a text.

Word Study 15 -
Students will:
• Identify long a patterns ai, aCe, ay, and open a- in multisyllable words
• Hear accented syllables in words and understand that syllables with long a are often accented
• Read and write words with long a patterns and indicate the accented syllables

Writing - We will continue our work on our informational reports.

Social Studies - We will continue learning about people that improved their communities and listen to part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream speech.

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