Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7 - 11

M - P.E./Media
T - Art/Music
W - Media
Th - P.E.
F - Music

Reading - This week we are on Unit 3, Week 3...every 3rd week we will be focusing on fluency.  This week we will utilize punctuation to signal full stops while reading.  Students will use effective pausing to make their reading sound like talking.

Word Study -
Students will:
* Understand that VCCV pattern words may have different consonants in the middle of word, but still divide syllables between the two consonants
* Understand that words with VCV pattern divide the syllable between the long vowel and consonant

Writing - Students will continue working on their Realistic Fiction story.

Math -
Students will:
5.16 - Analyze data in horizontal and vertical bar graphs.
5.17 - Use information in a table to create horizontal/vertical bar graphs.

Science - We will finish up our Engineering is Elementary unit on acoustical engineering.

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