Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 30 - December 4

M - Art/Music
T - Media
W - P.E.
Th - Music
F - Orchestra Hall/Minneapolis Institute of Art field trip - Remember to send a bag lunch to school!

Math -
Students will:
5.11 - Represent and solve word problems with extra or hidden information.
5.12 - Identify word problems with not enough information to solve and identify the information needed.  Students will also rewrite word problems with not enough information.
5.13 - Solve word problems requiring two steps.
5.14 - Solve multi-step word problems requiring two or more steps.
5.15 - Write and answer questions using horizontal and vertical bar graphs.  Students will create bar graphs to represent data from tables.  Students will also find the mode and range of data.

Word Study -
Students will:
*Understand that syllables that end with a short vowel and consonant are closed syllable words and have a VCCV pattern
• Understand that VCCV words divide between the two consonants
• Understand that syllables that end with a long vowel are open syllable words and have a VCV pattern
• Understand that VCV words divide between the long vowel and consonant
 • Spell VCCV and VCV pattern words

Reading - Genre Study - Historical Fiction
Students will:
* Demonstrate prior knowledge about historical fiction by answering genre-specific questions.
* Discuss and analyze "Signing the Declaration of Independence."
* Build academic oral language and vocabulary as they engage in partner and whole-group discussion.

Writing - Students will be doing some pre-writing on their Realistic Fiction stories.

Science - We will continue going through the Engineering is Elementary unit about acoustical engineering.

Yikes!  That sounds like a busy week, we might have to take a break and get outside to enjoy the SNOW :)

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