Friday, November 20, 2015

November 23 - 25th

M - Music
T - Art  *Return library books
W - P.E./Media  GAME DAY!!!
Th - No School
F - No School

Wednesday will be a game day in our class!  The students can bring in a card game or board game from home.  They will have some time in the morning and the afternoon to play their games :)

I will not be sending homework this week...please continue to have your child read and work on Dreambox when they have time.

Reading - With the short week, we will not be starting the next week in our reading curriculum.  Instead we will review the concepts already learned (main idea/details, sequencing, analyzing characters).

Writing - We have been reading examples of Realistic Fiction and discussed the features of realistic fiction writing.  Last week each student generated a list of possible topics.  This week, they will pick one topic and begin planning where the story will take place, who the characters will be, and the events that will happen in their story.

Word Study - No Word Study this week

Math -
5.8 - Interpret information in tables.  Students will write and solve problems based on tables with data.
5.9 - Students will use information in tables to create and solve word problems.
5.10 - Students will create a simple table and practice completing tables with missing information.

Science - We are beginning our Engineering is Elementary unit (Sounds and Acoustical Engineering).  Students will begin the unit by discussing everyday examples of technology and how they are designed to solve problems.

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