Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 - 13

M - No School/Conferences
T - Art/Music
W - Media
Th - P.E.
F - Music

Math - We will be taking the test on Unit 4 (Figures, Angles, and Triangles) on Tuesday.  We will start Unit 5 on Tuesday.
5.1 - Round numbers to the nearest hundred and estimate sums and differences.
5.2 - Round numbers to the nearest ten and estimate sums, differences, and quantities.
5.3 - Compare and order whole numbers and the values of expressions.

Word Study - Students will -
* Understand that irregular plural words have different rules for their plural spellings.
* Understand that words with f or fe change the f or fe to v before adding -es.
* Understand that some words change the vowels and/or consonants to form the plural.
* Understand that some irregular plural words have no spelling change and are both singular and plural.

Reading - We are on Unit 2, Week 3 this week.  This week the students will be reading the Reader's Theater called Our New Home.
Students will -
* Utilize punctuation to signal short pauses while reading.
* Demonstrate understanding of the text through purposeful pausing.
* Use effective pausing to make their reading sound like talking.

Science - We will begin our first science unit this week!  The students will be learning about the Physics of Sound.
Students will -
* Observe sounds made by objects when dropped.
* Compare sounds to develop sound discrimination.
* Create a code.
* Communicate with others using a drop code.
* Identify a variety of sound resources and receivers.

It was wonderful to visit with you all at conferences!  Thank you for taking the time to come in and visit about your child.  I look forward to watching them work towards their goals in the next few months.

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